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Thousands of teachers from schools across the country use the classpage service to communicate school information to parents and students via the web.

"We have definitely enjoyed using the classpage service as means of communication with our parents. Some of the teachers have been a little reluctant to move into the 21st Century and technology, but we are winning them over bit by bit.

I have been very pleased with the results as are our parents."

- Elementary School Principal, Houston, TX

"I was initially a little intimidated by doing a webpage. I have found it to be a fantastic way to communicate to parents; not only activities we're doing, but what we're studying in class, what's expected for tests and projects. I totally appreciate this opportunity to communicate to my parents and my students as well. I really think study skills have been enhanced by this webpage. Parents know what's going on, they can work with their children at home! It's really been a positive thing and not hard to use at all. "

- Middle School Teacher - Louisville, KY

"I love the classpage! I teach Medical Careers 1 and 11. My students say they like being able to double check homework assignments and what we are doing in class from day to day. I use the Favorite Links section a lot! I change mine every Friday and use information from it for bonus questions on tests, this way I can check to see who is checking it each week. Many thanks. "

- High School Teacher, McLeansville, NC

"Thanks so much for the new updates - we keep talking up your service to the other schools in our district and expect they will join soon. "

-Instuctional Technology Specialist - Hastings, MN

"The Classpage concept of making information available to students, parents, and other interested parties, without the burden of endless advertising is excellent. Thanks so much for your service, and keep up the good work."

- Building Construction Technology Instructor - Monroeville, PA

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