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Every teacher can have their own classpage! For more than ten years, web hosting has been providing the most economical and efficient means for schools and libraries to upload content on the Internet. Thousands of teachers upload class information every day for students and parents. Features Include:

  • Simple Interface. Teachers utilize their own word processors and web browser software to create class information content and then easily upload it for storage on their classpage. No computer programming is required.
  • Online Flashcards. The classpage service allows teachers to upload flashcard content and provide students with an easy and effective tool for practicing spelling and reading words, foreign language, math problems, science, etc. Online flashcards are terrific for subject review and test preparation!
    Flashcards for subject review and test preparation
    Each classpage can have up to 10 different sets of flashcards!
  • Multimedia Tutorials. Multimedia tutorials provide teachers an audio-visual overview of all the classpage service features and functions. Great for in-service workshops or individual use.
  • Classpage Calendar. Each classpage comes with an online calendar of events to provide teachers a simple and effective tool for high-lighting important information for parents and students.
  • 24 Hour Availability. Content can be uploaded to a classpage and then viewed from any computer connected to the Internet at any time. Teachers can upload homework assignments and class information in seconds from school or home. Parents can view class information at any time from home or work. Students can view the teacher content, such as assignments and review materials from school, the library, or home.
  • Custom Classpage Directory. A custom directory of the school's classpages is provided. This directory can be linked to directly from a school's website. Each classpage can also be linked to directly.
  • Local Control. Classpage accounts for teachers can be added and deleted by a local school administrator as needed. Unlike other services, this eliminates accounts being created by unauthorized users. Each classpage is password protected.
  • Automatic Notification. Parents and students can be automatically notified by email whenever new information is posted to a classpage. This is a real time-saver for parents as they can access the information immediately from home or work.
  • Favorite Links. Teachers can include links to websites that may be of interest to students and parents. Up to 20 links can be included with each classpage.
  • Advanced HTML. Teachers may add their own HTML code to their classpage, but it is not required. This allows teachers to customize their classpage with elements such as bolding and images as desired.
  • File Attachments. Teachers can attach up to 20 files to their classpages, such as Word and Excel documents.
  • Photo Gallery. Photos can be uploaded to a classpage with a click of the mouse. Teachers love this fun feature!
  • Online Help. Detailed online help is provided for all of the classpage editor functions.
  • Support. An online contact form is provided and each request is assigned a unique contact ticket number for reference. School administraters are also provided toll free telephone support.
  • No Advertising. Classpages are private and contain absolutely no advertising.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee. Teachers, parents, and students with love the service!

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