Create Your First Classpage In 3 Easy Steps !

Once you have received your Classpage Account from your school administrator, you can create your first classpage in seconds by following these steps.

1) Using your Internet web browser, go to your school's classpage directory:
(your-school-code is your school's 10 digit telephone number with no dashes)

2) Sign in as follows:

From your school classpage directory, find your name and click
"Teacher Sign-In" to the right of it.

Enter Your Password: (see your school's administrator if you do not know it)

    Click the GO button   GO

3) When the classpage editor page is displayed, click the Add Text button Add Text. Now click inside the text-box and type "Welcome To My Classpage!"

When finished typing the welcome text, return to the top of the editor page by clicking the Top To Save button Top to Save , enter your password, and click the "SAVE and NOTIFY" button Save and Notify.

View your classpage by clicking the View Classpage button View Classpage.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your first classpage.

To help you explore the exciting features of your classpage in more depth, please print the Classpage Editor Guide found online at

Enjoy the service!

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