New - Full Screen Editor! Enhancements to the classpage service make it better than ever and a great addition to your school website!

  • Multimedia Tutorials - Multimedia tutorials provide teachers an audio-visual overview of all the classpage service features and functions. Great for in-service workshops or individual use.
  • Classpage Calendar - Teachers that wish to highlight important dates and events for parents and students can easily add a calendar of events to their classpages.
  • Full-Screen Classpage Editor - Classpage fonts, tables, colors and clipart can be formatted as easy as using MS Word.
  • Netscape 7.1 - In addition to Internet Explorer, full-screen editing is now supported with the new Netscape 7.1 browser on both Windows and MAC computers.
  • Multiple sets of Flashcards - Up to 5 sets of flashcards can be added to a classpage.
  • Uploading pictures. - With the advent of the digital camera, teachers can add pictures to their classpage with a click of the button.

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